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Mound City Bank knows every business is different. That's why we offer a choice of business checking & investment accounts designed to help you meet your needs & reach your financial goal

Revolving Line of Credit

The traditional solution for fluctuating cash flows. Allows you to borrow, repay, and re-borrow funds throughout the loan term.

♦  Credit is pre-approved and available     whenever you need it.
♦  Credit lines are available in amounts to meet     your needs.
♦  Able to repay and re-borrow at your     convenience.
♦  Flexible repayment terms with monthly     payments of accrued interest and principal at     your desire prior to maturity.
♦  Low fixed or variable rates.
Non-Revolving Line of Credit

Used to cover construction costs or provide start-up financing. Funding occurs only when you need it to reduce financing costs.

♦  Credit is pre-approved and available whenever     you need it.
♦  Credit lines available in amounts that meet     your needs.
♦  Flexible repayment terms.
♦  Low fixed or variable rates.

Term Loans

Traditional solution for commercial real estate, equipment, and the acquisition of other capital assets.

w   Easy-to-budget fixed payments.
w   Loan terms are flexible and vary based on      the asset being financed.
w   Loans are typically secured by the assets      being acquired, and/or other collaterals
w   Low fixed or variable rates.

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration loan used to start or grow a business.

w   Used as an enhancement to conventional      financing

Municipal Loans

Financing for state, county, city, village, and other forms of local government needs.

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