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Mound City Link


Mound City Bank is proud to offer 24 hour phone banking, called Mound City Link. You can access your Mound City Bank accounts anytime, anywhere with complete privacy.

Mound City Link is completely confidential. To get information, simply dial 1-800-579-LINK(5465) to request information on your checking accounts, savings accounts, loans, investment rates, banking hours, and more - all at no charge. You can also transfer funds from your account free of charge.

See how easy it is to use:

  1. Dial 1-800-579-LINK(5465)

  2. Provide your account number

  3. Enter your personal identification number (PIN)

    • Your PIN is set to the last four digits of the primary account holder's Social Security Number or business tax id number. The first time you access your account you will be asked to change your PIN. Once your PIN has been changed, you will be allowed to proceed with the menu selections.

  4. Follow the menu prompts to get the information you want

Mound City Link Banking Options

Checking Account Information

  • Balance inquiry
  • Last 10 checks & debits
  • Last 10 deposits
  • Interest paid year to date
  • Specific check inquiry

Savings Account Information

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Last 10 withdrawals & debits
  • Last 10 deposits
  • Interest paid year to date

Fund Transfer Between Accounts

  • Must be preauthorized by the customer in advance by completing an authorization form.

Loan Information

  • Principal balance
  • Interest paid year to date
  • Next payment due date
  • Amount of next payment

Interest Rates and General Information

  • Branch locations & hours
  • Rate Information
  • General Information

Change Your MCB Link Number (PIN)

  • Deposit account personal identification number
  • Loan account personal identification number

Visa Debit Card Functions

  • Activate Visa Debit Card
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Change personal identification number (PIN)
  • Order replacement cards
  • Report lost or stolen cards
  • Review security tips